Kaimanu Surfboards was born in Cayucos, California in 1992 when my father, Bruce Jackson, an avid shaper and glasser since the 60′s made my first board and named it after my Hawaiian name Kaimanu (Ocean-Bird). After learning to surf and observing the surfboard building process I soon began shaping and glassing as well. Kaimanu Surfboards became a passion to build boards as good as any and to utilize the most eco-friendly materials possible. It is now the family business and we continue to build boards at the highest level of design and environmental responsibility here on the Central California Coast and Hawaii.

*The Eco board : Hand shaped from Greenfoam, Agave, or Recycled EPS and hand grassed with hemp cloth(fibergrass) and green epoxy. They come with Kaimanu Grass on fins or FCS/Future

*The Kaimanu board : Hand shaped Greenfoam, or any other foam, hempcloth deck patch, fiberglass wrap with Entropy epoxy or UV resin and any fin style

*The Kaimanu Fin : custom made recycled redwood performs with the integrity of a thousand years of slow growth in the coastal redwood forests of California, the tallest trees in the world

*Grassing: coined in 2007 by Kaimanu - Laminating a surfboard (or other object) with hemp cloth     *FiberGrass: developed by Kaimanu it is a specially designed hemp cloth for laminating surfboards

6’0″ Hemp Wackattack      5’11″ Hemp Whaletail Tow Board


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